When Will The Rain Stop?

At Sullivan Painting Service, Inc. we are already receiving calls asking for proposals  for exterior painting. So we ask, “are you hoping to have the exterior painted in the near future?” The response lately is “yes, in the next month or so”. Well we can certainly understand the desire to hurry winter out the door and welcome in spring, we in The Great Northwest know that we cannot predict when the winter rains will stop. At Sullivan Painting we monitor the weather for the current day, the next few days, and possibly the following week, knowing all along that we will still encounter a mix of heavy rain, rain showers, possible snow showers and very little sunshine. Starting in March, we will be happy to give you an estimate for your spring, summer and early fall residential exterior painting projects, and we look forward to putting you on our exterior projects calendar for the 2018. Maybe, just maybe, we will have an early spring.`