Reaching Out – The Design

Reaching out to our team to learn what makes them tick? Why do they show up to work every day? What are their goals, desires, and aspirations? All of these questions started stirring as we  were trying to find new ways to reach out to and retain new painters, the millennials if you will. So we gathered the team for our Monday morning Safety Meeting and posed the questions. Why did we do this you might ask? To make Sullivan Painting Service not just another painting contractor to work for, but one that reaches out to retain its employees We haven’t implement all of this yet, but it is a work in progress. The following is the compiled summary.

The Design – Compiled Data

What would the best painting company offer its’ team? 

Offer full benefits to include monetary, respect, safety, fairness, plenty of work with optional overtime, room for growth both individually and as a team, training, recognition, and uniforms.

What would the best team offer the painting company?

An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”, willing to go the extra mile, give your best work, communication, work that all can proud of, support staff, community, training both personal and professional, better skills, and work safely.

What part of the design would you like to participate in? What can you do to add value to the field team and or management side of the business?

Field demonstrations, attend classes to stay ahead of the curve, accuracy and organization, keep tools in good working order and job supplies ready, and set a good example.

What would a training program look like?

Hands on training with demonstrations, one or two times a month, with positive suggestions for improvement where needed. Instruction videos are a plus too.

What can you offer/ suggest for the building of an environment where you look forward to coming to

Communicate with others the way you want them to communicate with you. 

Be respectful; offer a positive not negative environment, improvement on trusting each other. Recognize and celebrate professional achievements.

What’s important to you in your personal Life? How do we balance with work?

Family, Friends, God, health, weekends off when possible to balance life, recreational time, travel and hobbies.