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Industrial Painting

Light industrial painting, custom coatings, facility maintenance, block fillers, elastomerics, and waterproofing are just a few of the applications that Sullivan Painting Service can accommodate. When the job calls for something special or custom, just call. We can do it. One of our more unique projects shows of the depth of our capabilities is the Ferris Wheel or the Gel-coat Slide at Enchanted Parks in Federal Way.

Sullivan Painting is consistently training with the most effective paint application techniques and safety controls including the latest in low-odor, V.O.C. compliant coatings, Green Built Products, low-temperature systems and Lead Based Paint stabilization encasements and various maintenance coatings.

For your next light industrial project quote or to submit plans via PDF files, email us and we will get back to you promptly. Send request for proposals to . For other questions or to review your project, we are just a phone call away.