Important Questions to Ask Your Commercial Painter Contractor

Are they licensed, insured, current with L&I and Department of Revenue? Ask for copies or use L&I’s site to look up a contractor.
Will the crew be experienced? Everyone must start somewhere, however that does not mean the crew you get is just learning to paint hollow metal jambs on your job site without an experienced painter by their side.

Ask for trade references and then contact those references.

Do they offer a warranty and stand behind it?

What is the process, when will the job start, approximately how long will it take?

What is the procedure for additional work, changes in scope and or changes in color?

What is the accepted form of payment? Here at Sullivan Painting Service, Inc. we do not accept credit card payments. We only get asked once or twice a year and never on commercial jobs.

Our proposals are written so that both parties know what to expect. From our proposals, once accepted, a contract is created for our customer if they are not a general contractor and sending out their own contracts and / or work orders. A notice of lien rights is also sent. Unknown clients may be required to pay a down-payment. At the close out of the job, paint as-builts and general warranties are provided. We want all of our customers to become repeat clients that are happy to give us referrals.